Dementia is not one disease but a collection of symptoms caused by disorders affecting the brain. It is a neurological condition. People with dementia experience their symptoms in different ways and often live well for many years after their diagnosis. Physiotherapy can help people who have dementia in many ways.

Some people experience physical symptoms with dementia such as slower reaction times, weaker muscles, reduced coordination, balance problems and falls. Research shows that especially in the early and mid-stages exercise can improve muscle strength and balance and help people maintain their independence. Exercise is also known to promote good brain health in general.

Finding the right type of activity or exercise that is safe and enjoyable for you is a key part of physiotherapy. Performing regular activity that promotes muscle strength, balance and fitness can slow cognitive decline, reduce falls and improve mood and sleep.

Physiotherapy can also assist with managing arthritis and pain; recommending for walking sticks and rollators; managing sleep; and liaising with the other health professionals.

Here is a great video about physiotherapy and dementia.

Here is a link to Dementia Australia - a great resource for people and their families and friends who are living with dementia.

Physiotherapy can help people with dementia