TPP & the NDIS

Jacey KrautNeurological Physiotherapy Explained

Transitions Physiotherapy works with adults of any age with different conditions.
We support people to live their best life at home and in the community.
We assist people to meet their goals of better strength and fitness, improved walking and well-being, and independence.

Transitions Physiotherapy delivers physiotherapy to NDIS participants who are self-managed or plan-managed. Transitions Physiotherapy Perth is NOT a registered NDIS provider. (Please take a look here to understand which of the three management categories you fit into.)

We have worked with people funded through the NDIS with diagnoses of Multiple Sclerosis, Huntington's Disease, Stroke, Functional Neurological Disorder, Motor Neurone Disease, Spinocerebellar Ataxia and other medical conditions to maximise their independence and optimise health and well-being.

We know that different people have different needs. We pride ourselves on delivering personalised and flexible physiotherapy according to what each individual needs. This may be:

  • consultation on physiotherapy needs, including physiotherapy report
  • consultation on mobility aids or other equipment needs
  • provision of home exercise programs coupled with training and supporting support workers or family/friends to deliver them
  • delivery of one-to-one physiotherapy at home
  • liaison with other involved health professionals
  • build links and capacity to access community such as local pool, gym or sporting club
  • support to adapt to changing needs
  • delivery of small group exercise therapy/rehabilitation within the community

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