About Jacey Kraut

APA Neurological Physiotherapist

Jacey has worked as a physiotherapist for 25 years and is an Australian Physiotherapy Association Neurological Physiotherapist. Jacey works with older adults and people living with neurological conditions.

"I am passionate about people getting the best out of themselves to reach their full potential. I love to find out what people want to achieve and work with them to achieve their goals."

Jacey graduated from Curtin University in 1996 and has worked extensively in stroke management, neurological rehabilitation, falls management and older adult rehabilitation in a variety of clinical settings, in the United Kingdom and Australia.

Since 2010 Jacey has provided home-based physiotherapy services providing specialised hospital substitution and rehabilitation services in clients’ homes. In 2012, Jacey completed a Master of Neurological Rehabilitation at the University of Western Australia. Jacey has worked as a sole trader delivering home based physiotherapy in the northern suburbs of Perth since 2017.

Jacey Kraut, Physiotherapist


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