How many repetitions are needed to reach recovery goals post-stroke?

Jacey KrautRehabilitation In The Home

Recovery following stroke is based on neuroplasticity - the ability of the brain to change in response to what we do. In the past, we talked about how many hours a day of physiotherapy or rehabilitation people needed to do to achieve their goals. It has become clear however that it it is not the number of minutes spent doing 'rehab' but the actual number of repetitions that really count .

"We don't know exactly how many repetitions you need to do but it is A LOT! You need to find therapy that is fun, interesting, motivating and rewarding - specifically for you so that you actually complete lots and lots and lots of repetitions."

Here is an excellent blog written by the Australian Physiotherapy Association describing current research and understanding about how much practise is required to achieve good recovery outcomes after stroke.

A neurological physiotherapist can help you create a therapy program to meet your individual needs and abilities, provide support and motivation and assist you towards your recovery goals. Get in touch - Transitions Physiotherapy can help.

Jacey Kraut, Physiotherapist