Q.    Am I eligible for a medicare rebate for services from Transitions Physiotherapy Perth?

A.     You may be able to claim Medicare rebates for allied health services (including physiotherapy) if you have a chronic medical condition that is being managed by your GP under Medicare Chronic Disease Management (CDM) items. The need for allied health services must be directly related to your chronic condition. Your GP will decide whether you would benefit from these services and, if so, will refer you.

Q.     I would like more information about Chronic Disease Management  to discuss my eligibility with my GP.

A.     Here is a CDM Patient Information Sheet.
If you would like your GP to refer you to Transitions Physiotherapy Perth, they simply require the contact details here on the website of they can complete an e-referral via cdm.net

Q.     I have a a CDM referral from my GP. What does this mean?

A.     The CDM referral means there is a Medicare rebate $52.65 (current 2018). There will be a gap fee for service. Your GP will nominate between 1 to 5 visits for physiotherapy as appropriate.

Q. How do I use my CDM referral?

A.     Give your referral to the Physiotherapist. The physiotherapist will deduct the rebate from your fee for service.

Q.    What rebate will I receive from my private health insurance?

A.     Private health insurance rebates vary according to level of cover and across different health funds. You will need to contact your private health fund and ask what rebate you would receive. Here are the item numbers that we use for home visits and one-to-one physiotherapy:
     Item No. 503    Home Assessment Consultation
     Item No. 535    Home Subsequent Consultation
     Item No. 582    Neurological Rehabilitation
For neuro circuit therapy at Kingsley Studio:
     Item No. 560    Group Consultation

Q.     What are your fees?

A.     Please go to our 'Home Visit Fees' or 'Class Fees' web page for the latest fees for service.

Q.     How many physiotherapy sessions would I need and for how long?

A.     The number of visits and length of physiotherapy involvement varies across individuals. With a greater focus on self-management and home exercise some people may benefit from 3 or 4 sessions across 2 months and then follow up reviews as needed. Other people require more frequent/intense therapy at home and may request two physiotherapy sessions a week.

Q.     I'm not sure whether neurological physiotherapy would benefit me?

A.     Watch this video to see what neurological physiotherapy is about. Call us on 0416 492 491 and we can discuss the possibilities of neurological physiotherapy with you.

Q.      Do you see people of the NDIS?

A.      Transitions Physiotherapy Perth can provide physiotherapy services  to NDIS participants who are self-managed or plan-managed. Transitions Physiotherapy Perth is NOT a registered NDIS provider.

Q.       Are you a registered NDIS provider?

A.        No

Q.      What information do I need to provide?

A.      You will need to provide:

    • NDIS Participant Number
    • Relevant information from NDIS Plan including your goals, role of physiotherapy including expected time of involvement, and start and end date of NDIS Plan
    • Contact details of Plan Manager
    • Details for invoicing

Q.      Have you previously worked with NDIS participants?

A.      Yes. We provide NDIS Physiotherapy assessment reports. We provide home-based physiotherapy to reach Capacity Building goals. NDIS participants attend small group exercise therapy led by a physiotherapist also.

Q.     I am an NDIS Participant. I'm unsure whether I am self-managed, plan managed or NDIA managed .
         What should I do?

A.     Get in touch with your plan manager and revisit your NDIS Plan.
         The NDIS website has many resources including NDIS Guide to Self-Management and other information
          about being Plan-managed.