Long-term Recovery After Stroke

Jacey KrautStroke Recovery

Stroke affects people in different ways. Recovery after stroke also works in different ways. Commonly, big improvements in stroke symptoms are experienced in the first months following stroke. Many stroke survivors continue to see improvements years after stroke with a continued commitment to rehabilitation.

Stroke survivors who experience long term recovery following stroke describe it as a lifelong commitment; requiring hard work, persistence and an ability to withstand the highs and lows inherent to the recovery journey. (Enable Me Podcast – Long-term Recovery After Stroke) The sort of ongoing effort involved requires support from family, friends and health professionals.

It is common for stroke survivors in the years following stroke to experience increasing difficulty with day to day activities once rehabilitation services are no longer accessed. The effects of stroke may make it hard for people to lead an active lifestyle which in turn will make it hard to maintain the initial gains made in the first year after stroke.

Neurological physiotherapists can assist people with long term recovery after stroke:

  • stroke survivors wanting to step back into new activities but not sure how to;
  • stroke survivors who have reached a hurdle in their recovery and want to get back on track
  • stroke survivors who are continuing to strive towards recovery.

Physiotherapists can assist stroke survivors to increase physical activity levels to harness the benefits to brain health and strength, balance and fitness (click here for more information). Benefits can be achieved at any time point following stroke with individualised assessment and customised therapy to suit each person’s needs. Physiotherapy can be provided on an on-going basis or more often as a 12 – 16 week block of therapy that boosts ability and fitness to get on with life.

Transitions Physiotherapy Perth provides physiotherapy for stroke to people in their home and community. This means we can support or get people started with training to return to walking in their suburb or visiting the local gym or simply get started with an exercise program at home.

Kingsley Studio runs circuit based therapy which can provide a stepping stone between home-based therapy and returning to the local leisure centre. Circuit based therapy provides individualised exercise therapy within a group setting.