Exercise & Life with Parkinson’s

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I stand by my first piece of advice, “The best exercise to do, is the one that you like! It means you will enjoy it and will do it regularly.” It is also important that you have recently checked in with your GP and/or neurologist so that your medical issues are well understood and managed. Whether you are open to … Read More

Retraining Walking and Running after Brain Injury

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Many people with neurological conditions such as traumatic brain injury (TBI) and stroke regain the ability to walk but still experience problems with increasing walking speed, jogging/running or jumping/hopping making it difficult to return to previous hobbies, occupational or sporting activities. Regaining these skills demands different training or therapy to those used for retraining walking as the physical requirements of … Read More

Exercise in the Community

Jacey KrautActivity & Exercise are Therapy

Central to health and well-being is an active lifestyle.An active lifestyle benefits the mind, body and soul. Evidence demonstrates regardless of whether you have arthritis, diabetes, a neurological condition such as stroke, dementia, depression and many other health conditions, activity and exercise improve quality of life.Being active means different things to different people. For some, walking the dog each morning … Read More