LSVT BIG is an intensive, amplitude focused physical and occupational therapy for Parkinson's disease (and other conditions). An initial assessment is required to discuss the individual's goals and if LSVT BIG is suitable for them.

LSVT BIG is adapted or progressed to meet each person's needs and ability. The goal is to restore normal movement patterns in everyday activities.

It is a standardised treatment protocol that includes a 1 hour session for 4 days a week for 4 weeks (total 16 sessions in 4 weeks). The individual needs to complete daily exercises as part of the LSVT BIG program during the 4 week period. To maintain gains made, they then need to continue these exercises as part of a daily practice.

The treatment sessions include 9 core exercises that focus on movement amplitude and functional mobility, followed by walking BIG and task specific practice related to the individual. The 9 core exercises are demonstrated in this video.

Research has found that LSVT BIG improves mobility, including walking with bigger steps and movements in activities of daily living such as reaching and turning; balance improves and falls are reduced.

LSVT BIG is delivered by physiotherapists or occupational therapists who have received certified training in LSVT BIG. Get in touch for more information.