Stroke and Neuro Rehabilitation delivered in a small group offers supervised therapy in a group format with a focus on improving performance of everyday movement tasks. Small group neuro rehab can focus on arm and hand function or standing and walking or both!

There is strong evidence that stroke rehabilitation classes are effective in improving a stroke survivor’s ability to walk further, more independently, and faster and, in some cases, to balance more easily and confidently when compared with other types of therapy. This could mean improved ability negotiating steps, turning in small spaces, walking indoors or walking longer distances outdoors.

Neuro rehabilitation delivered in a small group differs from general exercise programmes because all activities prescribed within the class are routinely tailored to each individual and directly supervised by the physiotherapist. There is a focus on intensive, repetitive practise of functional tasks and exercises that are continually progressed as the individual’s function improves. Small group neuro rehabilitation addresses components of strength, balance, flexibility and fitness while primarily focussing on specific training of everyday motor tasks.

Neuro rehab classes provide additional benefits by way of peer support and social interaction. There are benefits gained by watching others and learning from them. External feedback is a key factor in improving performance which will be provided by the physiotherapist.

Stroke and neurological physiotherapy classes are suitable for people with stroke or other neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis, ataxia or parkinson's disease. People who have recently returned home from hospital or those with neuro condition looking to improve their balance, agility, strength, mobility and flexibility.

Small group neuro classes cater for 3 to 4 participants. The physiotherapist tailors exercises  to the individual to chieve their goals. These classes can provide benefit if attended regularly or as an 8 or 12 week block.