NEURO GYM - Stroke, MS and other neurological rehab

'Neuro Gym' is small group neurological physiotherapy. We provide exercise-based rehabilitation to a group of 3 people during a 1 hour session with a neurological physiotherapist.

Participants undergo a comprehensive neurological physiotherapy assessment prior to joining the group. The physiotherapist gains an understanding of an individual’s capabilities and how to target physiotherapy to achieve their goals. People need to phone and book two home visits for the physiotherapy assessment and exercise provision prior to attending the group. This prepares people for the exercises in the class and means that exercises in the class can be individualised.

Neuro Gym provides an optimal environment for therapy where physiotherapy-directed tasks can be performed semi-supervised or independently, while other activities are performed with the assistance of a physiotherapist. Receiving feedback about task performance from the physiotherapist and watching other stroke survivors performing new tasks also promotes motor learning.

Small group physiotherapy for stroke, multiple sclerosis and other neurological conditions is suitable for people who still require hands-on assistance for some of their rehabilitation but can perform some therapy tasks independently. The small group setting means group participants can work on a variety of individual tasks; each participant has individual activities.

Therapies that may be included in a small group stroke rehab class include:

  • Functional task practice
  • Balance re-training
  • Functional Electrical Stimulation
  • Mirror Box Therapy
  • Sensory Retraining and
  • Strengthening amongst others.