Long-term Recovery After Stroke

Jacey KrautRehabilitation In The Home

Stroke affects people in different ways. Recovery after stroke also works in different ways. Commonly, big improvements in stroke symptoms are experienced in the first months following stroke. Many stroke survivors continue to see improvements years after stroke with a continued commitment to rehabilitation. Stroke survivors who experience long term recovery following stroke describe it as a lifelong commitment; requiring … Read More

Exercise in the Community

Jacey KrautActivity & Exercise are Therapy

Central to health and well-being is an active lifestyle. An active lifestyle benefits the mind, body and soul. Evidence demonstrates regardless of whether you have arthritis, diabetes, a neurological condition such as stroke, dementia, depression and many other health conditions, activity and exercise improve quality of life. Being active means different things to different people. For some, walking the dog … Read More

Physiotherapy Rehabilitation in the Home

Jacey KrautRehabilitation In The Home

There are two main reasons why physiotherapy rehabilitation in the home has become so popular. The first, is the simple convenience of mobile physiotherapy delivered in the comfort of your own home without having to tackle traffic and parking. The second is because home-based rehabilitation really works! Rehabilitation takes hard work and requires a lot of practice. The environment around … Read More

How to Maintain Rehab Goals

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Physiotherapist assisting with exercises for rehab

How To Maintain Rehab Goals Rehabilitation is often viewed as an action plan towards achieving a goal. People with Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, stroke and other neurological conditions know that physiotherapy can assist to achieve goals aimed at improving balance, strength, movement and fitness but what happens once the goal has been reached and therapy ends? Consider any sports athlete … Read More